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The Royal Family and Government

Home Page

Masmak Fortress, Riyadh
The storming of Masmak Fortress by Abdul Aziz in 1902 to regain control of Riyadh marks the beginning of modern Saudi history.

The Kingdom and the Monarchy

Islam and the Government

The Council of Ministers

The Majlis Al-Shoura (Consultative Council)

Provincial Government

Saudi Arabia's Provinces and their Capitals

• Riyadh Province Riyadh
• Makkah ProvinceMakkah
• Madinah Province Madinah
• Al QasimBuraida
• Eastern ProvinceDammam
• Asir ProvinceAbha
• Tabuk ProvinceTabuk
• Hail ProvinceHail
• Northern Border ProvinceAr'ar
• Jizan ProvinceJizan
• Najran ProvinceNajran
• Al-Baha ProvinceAl-Baha
• Al-Jouf ProvinceSakakah

Government Departments

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